The Weary Blues welcomes submissions of poetry, short fiction, visual art and photography. Please follow all submission guidelines precisely as they are listed on this page – scroll down to ensure that you have read these in their entirety. Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will  be rejected.

Poetry submissions should be sent to:
cal.doyle [at] newbinarypress [dot] com

All other submissions should be sent to:
thewearyblues [at] newbinarypress [dot] com

Please remove all spaces and replace the [at] and [dot] as required. We have presented the e-mail address in this fashion as a precaution against spam.

Submissions Guidelines

The Weary Blues does not accept simultaneous submissions. Please submit to only one category per edition.

Literary Submissions

All submissions of literature, poetry and short fiction are to be accompanied by a third-person biographical note.

The work of literature, biographical note and profile photo are all to be contained in one single file ( .pdf, .doc, .docx or .rtf), which should also include your full name, e-mail address and contact details at the beginning. Please ensure that the formatting of your work is print ready and will appear as intended across differing productivity suites.

Name this file using the following convention:
[Poetry/Short Fiction] – [Author] – [Title, Title]
Poetry – Joe Bloggs – Title of Poem

Please submit no more than 5 poems, with a page break between each piece.  Short fiction should be limited to approximately 3,000 words. Please submit no more than two stories.

Visual Art & Photography

Please submit no more than two images, and please ensure that these are named. In addition, include some brief biographical details, and some details on the origins of the submitted work (background, inspiration, influence, methods etc). You may also submit a suitable profile photograph. Please include your full name and e-mail address with your biographical details. Include all photos and details within one single file.

Name this file using the following convention:
Art – [Author] – [Title, Title]
Art – Joe Bloggs – Title of Artwork

Response & Copyright

Please allow sufficient time for a response. The copyright for work that has been submitted remains with the author, though we would ask that you credit The Weary Blues and New Binary Press in any subsequent publications. All issues pertaining to existing copyright and licensing agreements are the responsibility of the individual making the submission. By submitting your work to The Weary Blues, you are giving permission for that work to be freely reproduced by the journal in any particular mode or form that they see fit. Your work will be offered freely online and via other means of distribution, to as wide an audience as possible.

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