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Issue VII

February 2015

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 7 (4.96MB)


“Nine Latin Lyrics”, “Songs to the Phallic God”, translated by John Keating

“The Illustrated Version”, “Sir Thomas Urquhart Considers The Tongues Of Men, And Whether One Might Not Be Fashioned Above All Others Perfect”, “White Nights”, “Bennachie Red”, by David Wheatley

“A Dripping Tap”, by Adam Steiner

“Small Town”, by Róisín Power Hackett

“Selkie”, by Roisin Kelly

Short Fiction

“My Mother Gets On With Things”, by Claire Hennessy


“Blue Door”, “Sacristy”, by Ceara Conway

“Flyover 1”, “Flyover 2”, by Elaine Reidy

“The installation series of Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams >> Once Upon a Time…)”, by Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

“All Persons Fictitious Disclaimer (X-Scape XIX) Installation”, “All Persons Fictitious Disclaimer (X-Scape XIX) Installation”, “All Persons Fictitious Disclaimer (Chroma V – VI) Installation”, “All Persons Fictitious Disclaimer (X-Scape VIII)”, by Sean Campbell

Issue V

December 2013

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 5 (PDF, 3.4MB)


Featured Poet: Kerrie O’Brien
“I can’t remember the hour that led…”, “Scar”, “Clearing”, “Inherent”

“Animal Psalms”, by James Conor Patterson

“Extracts from the Diary of Doctor Jekyll”, by Jessica Traynor

“In Summation”, by Sarah O’Connor

“os serpent: mal.func”, by Michael Ray

“Aborted Form”, “Gardening”, by Kenneth Keating

“New York Fire Escape”, by Breda Wall Ryan

“The Migration Series: Little Sister”, “Encore at the Blue Note”, by Cynthia Manick

“b r i ef p ea c e”, by Judith Austin Mills

Short Fiction

“The Emperor of the Soul”, by Alan Swyer

“Cooking for the Dead”, by Deirdre McClay

“Monk’s Inception”, by j/j hastain

“The Old Country”, by Matthew Vasiliauskas

Visual Art & Photography

“Journey”, “Layering”, “Mercy”, by Mary Galvin

Issue IV

June 2013

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 4 (PDF, 1.37MB)


“Fossils”, “The Catherine Canal Run to the Moika River”, by Alan Jude Moore

“Poem in Which I Begin to Elegise Your Grandfather”, by Stephen Connolly

“A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief”, by J. Roycroft

“he calls my body an umbrella”, by Dimitra Xidous

“The Fisher, the Farmer and the Pooka-Moon”, by Dean J Browne

“The Company of Lies”, “The Leopard”, by Maurice Devitt

“…but one can never be sure whether it’s good poetry or bad acid”, by Victoria Kennefick

Short Fiction

“The Song in a Cloud”, by Kate Ladew

“Goodbye, My Butterfly?”, by Nels Hanson

Visual Art & Photography

“Iterative”, by Terence Erraught

“Tower in Mexico”, “Temple in Java”, by Kristi Nimmo

“Abandoned and Alone”, “Camouflage”, by Seamie Gallagher

Issue III

September 2012

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 3 (PDF, 3.08MB)

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 3 (light, PDF, 1.79MB)


Featured Poet: John Saunders
“Exposure”, “Secret”, “The Dream Hotel”, “Jackstones”, “Crow Dream”

“Natural Confrontations (5)”, by Changming Yuan

“More about you”, “Child winter”, “Poetry”, “Your Blurred Photo Of The Moon”, “I Feel The Spring Rain”, by Joop Bersee

“Quagmire”, “Little Bell”, by Allison Grayhurst

“Commute”, “Working Class Dirge”, “Salina Cruz, Oaxaca – Mexico, Summer, 1957 – NOON”, by W S Fisher

“The forgotten valley”, “Tree”,  “Broken Silence”, by Nicholas Alexander

“dreamy”, “portrait of annah the javanese”, “melancholy”, “flood”, “aline gauguin”, by William Wright Harris

“The Ivory Tower”, Sarah Farrant

“War Love”, “The Work Song of J. Alfred, Professor”, “Road Warrior”, by William Ford

“Medea on Social Media”, “This is Not A Love Poem”, “Insomnia”, by Tanis MacDonald

“Apologia For A Song On My Playlist”, “Blue Hula Stomp (Before And After)”, “Sauce”, “Old Folks Home With Jerry”, “On Love”, by Rodney Wood

Short Fiction

“Now”, by EM Reapy

Visual Art & Photography

Untitled, by Aoife Casey

from Project Pawnbrokers, by Fiona Marron

Issue II

April 2012

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 2 (PDF, 3.84MB)

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 2, (light, PDF, 569KB)


Featured Poet: Graham Allen
“Miss Universe”, “I wouldn’t start from here”, “On Thomas Butt’s A View of Cork“, “Patrick Street”, “Transverse Myelitis”, “Military Hill”

“Bells, Stars, Puddles, Muddles”, by Bairbre Flood

“Hardbop Grandpop: Horace Silver”, “Night after Night”, “Jobless”, by William Ford

“Beyond Outrage”, by John Saunders

“Love surfs the waves”, “Hair washed in Beer”, “Another year my child”, by Máire Morrissey-Cummins

“Call Centre”, “A Prayer For The M50”, “Cork- Sunday Morning- Coming Down”, by Michael Dineen

“Winter”, by Mick Corrigan

“Church in the Pines”, “My Green Sofa”, “A Pin for the Butterfly”, by Paige Ryan

Short Fiction

“Viejo”, by Frank Scozzari

Visual Art & Photography

“Tribal Resilience”, by Catherine Boyle

“Heart of Philosophy (Locke)”, “History of Art”, by Stephen Toomey

“Spooky”, by Gary Kennedy

Issue I

November 2011

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 1 (PDF, 4.42MB)


“Displacement”, “Hopeful”, “Longing”, “Gone”, “Ventriloquism”, by Allan Peterson

“One Day”, by Ian Murphy

“Three for Three”, by James Cummins

“The Flag”, by Danny P. Barbare

“10 Blackbirds”, by Jim Bennett

“In the Victoria Hotel”, by John Saunders

“Ode to Rain”, by Laura Speedwing

“Tsunami, Meltdown, Then”, “Dear Reader”, “American Music”, “To Akilah, Who Took Up Bowling After 9/11”, by Mark Jackley

“Green Water”, by Martin A. Egan

“Venus love Milo”, “Late Again”, by Maurice Devitt

“The Meat and the Maiden”, “Kneeling on the Redwood Floor”, by James O’Sullivan

Short Fiction

“Every Escape was a Narrow Escape”, by Mark Mullee

“Night Drive”, by Thomas Martin

Visual Art & Photography

“Hesitation”, by Mary Galvin

“Free-Soloing”, by Caroline Doolin

“Phos-sistema 5”, by Jules Hackett