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Issue VI

August 2014

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 6 (PDF, 5MB)


Featured Poet: John W. Sexton
“Transcending the Mortal Universe: Scifaiku as Compressed Signal”, “Soul of a Thrush”, “…A Sense of No”, “The Jellyfish Lens”, “Tea Time is O”

“Candy Cane”, by Antony Owen

“Blue”, by Daniel Ryan

“The Purpose of Love Poetry in Twenty-First Century Ireland”, “No Name in a Junior Disco”, by Graham Allen

“My own private snide-a-ho”, by Rachel Warriner

“Three Cork Haiku”, by Richard Hawtree

Short Fiction

“Dark Madonna”, “The Book”, by Dave Lordan

Visual Art & Photography

Selections from The Desired Realm (2012), by Mark Doherty

Michael Higgins

Ruby Wallis