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Issue IV

June 2013

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 4 (PDF, 1.37MB)


“Fossils”, “The Catherine Canal Run to the Moika River”, by Alan Jude Moore

“Poem in Which I Begin to Elegise Your Grandfather”, by Stephen Connolly

“A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief”, by J. Roycroft

“he calls my body an umbrella”, by Dimitra Xidous

“The Fisher, the Farmer and the Pooka-Moon”, by Dean J Browne

“The Company of Lies”, “The Leopard”, by Maurice Devitt

“…but one can never be sure whether it’s good poetry or bad acid”, by Victoria Kennefick

Short Fiction

“The Song in a Cloud”, by Kate Ladew

“Goodbye, My Butterfly?”, by Nels Hanson

Visual Art & Photography

“Iterative”, by Terence Erraught

“Tower in Mexico”, “Temple in Java”, by Kristi Nimmo

“Abandoned and Alone”, “Camouflage”, by Seamie Gallagher