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Issue VI

August 2014

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 6 (PDF, 5MB)


Featured Poet: John W. Sexton
“Transcending the Mortal Universe: Scifaiku as Compressed Signal”, “Soul of a Thrush”, “…A Sense of No”, “The Jellyfish Lens”, “Tea Time is O”

“Candy Cane”, by Antony Owen

“Blue”, by Daniel Ryan

“The Purpose of Love Poetry in Twenty-First Century Ireland”, “No Name in a Junior Disco”, by Graham Allen

“My own private snide-a-ho”, by Rachel Warriner

“Three Cork Haiku”, by Richard Hawtree

Short Fiction

“Dark Madonna”, “The Book”, by Dave Lordan

Visual Art & Photography

Selections from The Desired Realm (2012), by Mark Doherty

Michael Higgins

Ruby Wallis

Issue II

April 2012

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 2 (PDF, 3.84MB)

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 2, (light, PDF, 569KB)


Featured Poet: Graham Allen
“Miss Universe”, “I wouldn’t start from here”, “On Thomas Butt’s A View of Cork“, “Patrick Street”, “Transverse Myelitis”, “Military Hill”

“Bells, Stars, Puddles, Muddles”, by Bairbre Flood

“Hardbop Grandpop: Horace Silver”, “Night after Night”, “Jobless”, by William Ford

“Beyond Outrage”, by John Saunders

“Love surfs the waves”, “Hair washed in Beer”, “Another year my child”, by Máire Morrissey-Cummins

“Call Centre”, “A Prayer For The M50”, “Cork- Sunday Morning- Coming Down”, by Michael Dineen

“Winter”, by Mick Corrigan

“Church in the Pines”, “My Green Sofa”, “A Pin for the Butterfly”, by Paige Ryan

Short Fiction

“Viejo”, by Frank Scozzari

Visual Art & Photography

“Tribal Resilience”, by Catherine Boyle

“Heart of Philosophy (Locke)”, “History of Art”, by Stephen Toomey

“Spooky”, by Gary Kennedy