The Weary Blues, Issue 1

Issue I

November 2011

Download The Weary Blues, Issue 1 (PDF, 4.42MB)


“Displacement”, “Hopeful”, “Longing”, “Gone”, “Ventriloquism”, by Allan Peterson

“One Day”, by Ian Murphy

“Three for Three”, by James Cummins

“The Flag”, by Danny P. Barbare

“10 Blackbirds”, by Jim Bennett

“In the Victoria Hotel”, by John Saunders

“Ode to Rain”, by Laura Speedwing

“Tsunami, Meltdown, Then”, “Dear Reader”, “American Music”, “To Akilah, Who Took Up Bowling After 9/11”, by Mark Jackley

“Green Water”, by Martin A. Egan

“Venus love Milo”, “Late Again”, by Maurice Devitt

“The Meat and the Maiden”, “Kneeling on the Redwood Floor”, by James O’Sullivan

Short Fiction

“Every Escape was a Narrow Escape”, by Mark Mullee

“Night Drive”, by Thomas Martin

Visual Art & Photography

“Hesitation”, by Mary Galvin

“Free-Soloing”, by Caroline Doolin

“Phos-sistema 5”, by Jules Hackett